Reminder that the Rec. Club is hosting its annual Open House this Saturday from 1 – 4pm and all are welcome, members and nonmembers alike! According to it’s predicting that between 12 Noon and 1 pm that day the weather transitions from partly cloudy to sunny!! Just in time to put on bathing suits and swim in the pool, enjoy complimentary hamburgers and beverages, and learn more about swim team, swim lessons, the Sharkies program, our tennis programs, our fun social events and everything else a membership at the pool offers! #SomersetFun #swimteam #swimlessons #HopingforSun #Bellevue

Board of Directors Openings

for 2018


The current BOD is actively seeking members who have an interest in serving on the board for 2018-2019 and guiding the future of our club. Signup here to learn more about these opportunities!

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