It’s no secret that SRC has lost a bit of its shine over the years but your SRC Board is executing on an aggressive plan to put some “giddy-up” back into the Club’s step! As many of you know, last year your donations put a brand new roof on the clubhouse! But that’s so two-thousand-and-late! What does the future hold?
While we wish many improvements could simply be done with some elbow grease, paint, and volunteers, there are many projects that will require significant funds to become a reality. This is where everyone who loves SRC comes in! We are asking YOU to open your wallets during the 2018 season and decide how best to donate! Attend and donate at the annual fundraising event in July or make an online donation at any time! Any and all donations are appreciated.
Your SRC Board has set an ambitious fundraising goal of $60,000 during the 2018 season to be used towards Phase 1 Critical Improvements. At present the identified areas include the upper and lower decks, slide, the women’s bathroom, and potentially electrical/snack shack, but please note this list is subject to change once the 2018 season ends due to unforeseen circumstances.
As part of this effort the SRC Board will share its annual fundraising goal and our anticipated plan for how it will be used to keep everyone as up to date as possible.Note: tennis courts and rebuilding the lower clubhouse are much bigger and costlier endeavors and at this time the 2018 SRC Board’s initial aim is to focus on bringing the most used areas (clubhouse, bathrooms, decks and pool) to a standard that as members of the SRC family and community, we can be proud of.

SRC is a 501(c)(3) and charitable donations to SRC are allowed as tax deductions by the IRS, and also makes SRC eligible to receive additional “matching funds” for donations made by individuals working for various employers in the area. Please consult with a financial advisor or tax professional to understand how charitable donations would impact your tax status.

Questions please contact Michael Ketchum, president SRC at