We are excited to be kicking off the start of meet season with time trials on Wednesday and Thursday at SRC. For all Stringrays competing – swim fast and good luck!

Make sure to read all emails coming from coaches and swim reps. Here are a few reminders.

  • Bring lots of towels!! Swimmers will be getting in the water at least 4 times for time trials.
  • Make sure to bring warm clothes if it is cold, such as sweat pants, sweatshirts, shoes, and deck coats if you have them.
  • Make sure to bring snacks and drinks for your swimmer- meets can be long!
  • When racing, try to avoid wearing extra swim shirts or other clothes. These create drag and make it harder for the swimmer to race.
  • Caps are great to wear during races. Especially if your swimmer has long hair, please have them wear a cap for their races.
  • Please make sure you and your swimmer are paying attention to what event is going on and when your swimmer needs to be staging.
  • A good way to not forget what event, heat, and lane your swimmer is swimming is to write it on a easily accessible piece of paper, or even better, on the swimmers arm with Sharpie. That way, they will always be able to see it.
  • Please make sure that your swimmer either knows their 3-digit Swimmingly ID number, or that it is written somewhere easily seen on their arm or shoulder. The timers need these numbers for times to be published.