Thanks to all the wonderful donations the Somerset Rec Club received this year, the SRC board was able to plan and make nearly $30,000 in much-needed repairs to the facility after the club closed for the season. If you have driven by the SRC over the past few weeks, you may have noticed some activity taking place at the club and we are excited to share two important improvements:

NEW Roof – We are pleased to let everyone know, weather permitting the roof will get finished by mid-November. As expected we had a few rot issues, including finding rot in 90% of the existing plywood underlayment, so all of the plywood, exposed beams and posts that had rot have now been replaced and everything was managed within budget! Now the inside of clubhouse is protected by new roof and things are dry for many years to come! In addition, the SRC will be getting new gutters and downspouts that will be installed in mid-November. Once this project is completed the contractor that installed the roof will be working with a few board members to determine if there is any roof budget remaining to do a few cosmetic eave repairs to improve the clubhouse’s appearance.

Pump Room Improvements – In addition to the new roof, there were some major upgrades made to the pump room to improve the flow of pool water through the filtration system to improve water clarity. Initial testing has shown that everything is working well and the upgrades have improved circulation through the filtration system and improved the overall water clarity.

We will be excited to turn on the new pump system at the beginning of next season and see how much of an impact it makes to water clarity!

Questions about this project please contact the SRC at