Deck Reservations

West Desk

East Deck

Upper Deck


  1. Reserving a deck only does not reserve you a COVID-19 Phase 3 club time slot.
  2. Please first make your Open Swim reservation on your selected day and then reserve your deck of choice if available.
  3. If you want to reserve a deck for multiple families, each family is responsible for their own Open Swim reservation – but your single deck reservation is sufficient.
  4. Remember – no guests are allowed at this time (Phase 3).
  5. If your plans change, please remember to cancel your reservation so other club members can take advantage of the open slots.
  6. If you need to change the number in your reservation, you will need to first cancel your reservation and then make a new one with the correct number.


Upper Deck 10 chairs 2 tables Grill
West Deck 10 chairs 2 tables Grill
East Deck 6 chairs 1 table No Grill

Please be respectful of other members and socially distance during your time at the club.  We review the reservations daily and will remove reservations more than the allowable limit without notification.  Questions?  Please reach out to


Reserve a Deck here