Deck Reservations

West Desk

East Deck

Upper Deck

Come and enjoy grilling and relaxing in one of our 3 deck areas! Each day there are 2 reservation slots available: 1pm – 5pm and 5pm – 9pm.

NOTE: Weekends start at noon and not 1pm.


Upper Deck 10 chairs 2 tables Grill
West Deck 10 chairs 2 tables Grill
East Deck 6 chairs 1 table No Grill

NOTE: Check our Hours Of Operation for blocked out days and times due to Stingray swim meets or other club events.

We review the reservations daily and will remove reservations more than the allowable limit without notification.  Questions?  Please reach out to


2021 Deck Reservations are now closed and will be re-opened in May 2022 for the Summer Season.