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Please Note:

Due to COVID-19 we will have an abbreviated season this year.  We have adjusted membership costs to align to the shortened season.  We will be opening June 18th for appointment only lap swim and all of our online membership registration forms align to this.

Different this year is the ability to sign up starting August 1st at a prorated price.  Of course if you sign up now you will receive a better value for the season. 

Prices on our PDF forms currently do not reflect these changes but you can still sign up that way.  Those forms will be updated shortly.

Please see our COVID-19 page for additional information.

Join and Register

To become a member and / or join the Swim/Tennis Teams, please select your preferred payment method and follow directions to complete the Membership / Registration process.

Questions, please email

Pay by Credit Card

SRC Membership: Paying by Credit Card

Registration Opened 2/1

Special 2020 Season: Swim Team and Sharkies:Paying by Credit Card

Registration is now Open!

Tennis Team and Lessons: Paying by Credit Card

Registration is now Open!

Paying By Check


You may use the form referenced below to sign up for membership and/or any activity. (please note: we are still updating with 2020 prices due to COVID-19).  Any overpayment will result in a refud, so no worries!! You are all good!

  1. Fill Out and Print the membership form
  2. Attach your check in the proper amount
  3. Mail the check and membership form to:

12819 SE 38th St, #183
Bellevue, WA 98006

Or bring them by the club on or after Opening Day.

* Please note: We strive to delight and impress all our members.  However, as a general policy we cannot offer refunds on memberships.