Reserve a Lane

Lap Swim Lane Reservation

Due to COVID-19 rules we are pleased to allow 2020 SRC members to reserve lap swim time. Starting June 18, the pool will remain divided by lane lines and a single lap swimmer (or 2 members of the same household) may reserve a lane for 30 minutes.

Please note lane reservations are for lap swimming only. Parents may schedule a lap swim appointment for their child or 2 children. Scheduling can be done on this site. Initially members can only have three active reservations at a time and no more than once a day per membership.  

The times for booking a lane for lap swim are as follows:

  • Monday: 2PM-8PM
  • Tuesday: 2PM-8PM
  • Wednesday: 2PM-8PM
  • Thursday: 2PM-8PM
  • Friday: 2PM-8PM
  • Saturday: 2PM-8PM
  • Sunday: 2PM-8PM

Before signing up for lap swim time please download, print and sign and bring this waiver with you to your first lap swim reservation.  We will not be able to allow you to swim with out it.

Please be respectful of other members and only have three active/pending reservations at a time.  We review the reservations daily and will remove reservations more than the allowable limit without notification.  Questions?  Please reach out to

Email confirmation is now working! This will allow you to cancel and reschedule your reservations.  Enjoy!

You now can also log out and sign up a different indvidual. To do this you may need to reset your browser cache though.

Important: In order to enjoy the full 30 minutes of lap swimming, be on time to your appointment and aware when your time is over. Your pre-schedule time is limited to the 30-minute slot (not 30 minutes when you get into the water). A late start means you will have less time in the water. When your 30-minute block is up, pop out quickly and let the next person in. You may continue swimming if no one has reserved the lane you are in after you. There are limited spots and we appreciate everyone’s attention to starting and ending on time to make this work best for everyone. 

Please understand that this is only being done one week at a time. Based on the guidelines that are provided by the county and the demand that we see from our members we will adjust and increase times allowed.

Please feel free to call the office if you have questions or if you need help with booking.

**SRC MEMBERSHIP: At this time to reserve lap swim time you must be a paid 2020 SRC member.