Tennis and Court Info
Off-season reservations now available (requires Off-season membership)
8am - 9pm daily

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Welcome to the Somerset Recreation Club courts!

Our courts use a state-of-the-art weather-accommodating surface (easy drainage in the rain), multipurpose spaces with lines for different sports, and a gazebo on a large turf area to enjoy shade, host parties, or let your young ones have a safe space to play.

Courts are open 8am – 9pm every day. To use the courts during the off-season (post Labor Day to early May), an Off-season Membership is required.

Court access requires a lock code, which members can see on their Member Dashboard, and the code is in the reservation email reminders you receive,Β  or by asking at the Front Desk during pool hours in the summer.

The courts are laid out for the following activities:

  • Tennis
    • Lined for both singles and doubles play, tennis has been a mainstay at SRC for many years and its return is very welcome.
    • This is a great place to learn and develop skills or come down for a competitive/friendly match with friends and family.Β 
  • Pickleball
    • Washington State’s official sport is here at SRC!Β  With three courts we are ready for this social activity to thrive in our community.Β 
    • We have two portable nets that can be installed on the tennis court, or you can use the more permanent net on the basketball court.
    • Two shared with tennis, and one shared with basketball/badminton
  • Basketball (half court)
    • Get ready for some 1v1, 2v2 (or more) half court action, or come on down and simply practice your game or 3 point shot!Β 
    • With an adjustable height hoop, this basketball court is perfect for all skill levels.
    • Shared with pickleball/badminton
  • Badminton
    • Using the same lines as pickleball but raising the net to official badminton height, we are ready for the birdies to start flying through the air on Somerset hill.
    • Shared with pickleball/basketball

Reservation Etiquette – Pickleball

Because we have overlapping courts, we ask that the first Pickleball reservation be made on the basketball/badminton court, thus leaving the tennis court open for tennis reservations. If the basketball/badminton court is already booked, then of course reserve on the tennis court.

We ask that everyone be flexible in accommodating as much usage as possible at the same time.

Reservation Rules and Hours of Operation

To maximize use for all members, members can only book 2 weeks in advance, and can only have 4 reservations per family at any given time.

However, one can go over their limit and reserve any court 30 minutes ahead of time if it’s not reserved.

Each timeslot is maximum one hour long, and the courts are open the same time the pool is open.

Court hours are 8am – 9pm every day.

Renting for Parties

Yes, this entire area is available to rent out for parties! For birthday parties, the gazebo and turf area make a great place to to eat cake and watch while kids play on all the various courts.Β 

Contact our Club Manager, Jim Umbeck, for pricing and to make a reservation.


Note the pickleball net on the basketball court
Can be raised for badminton
Let's play some hoops!
Turf area with gazebo (almost ready!)