Online Deck Reservations are NOW OPEN

Make a Deck Reservation
Online Deck Reservations for the 2023 Summer Season are NOW OPEN. Online reservations are made via the SRC web site or download the ‘Members’ iOS app.
A few important points about reserving a deck at SRC:
  • No fee to reserve a deck, but there is a new $25 “No Show Fee.” Please note the new $25 “No Show Fee” for missed deck reservations. If you reserve a deck AND you do not show up AND you do not cancel the reservation online, you will be charged a $25 “No Show Fee”. It is easy to avoid this fee: Simply cancel any deck reservations you are unable to make your deck reservation so that another member may enjoy the deck. As a courtesy we ask for 24 hours advance notice, but to avoid this fee you must cancel a deck reservations you are unable to make.
  • You can only have 3 deck reservations on the books at any one time
  • Make sure to clean and leave your deck better than you found it
Make a Deck Reservation